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Shuttle Bus from San Francisco

Free shuttle bus will run two trips each direction:
9:30AM Mission >> Arata
11:30AM Union Sq/Mission >> Arata
6:30PM Arata >> Union Sq/Mission
8:30PM Arata >> Union Sq/Mission

Contact Michael to reserve a spot.

Driving to Arata

From San Francisco / San Mateo / East Bay:

Drive south on Highway 1.
Take Verde Rd Exit 3-4 minutes past Hwy 92 Jcn.

Please note: There are three Verde Rd Exits.
Take the last/3rd exit.

This is what you’ll see from the exit:

Petting Zoo

Ponies, dogs, cats, sheep and goats

Bathroom Trailers

Rented specially for the event

Choo Choo Train



See for yourselves!


Provided by Purincess


Ceremony & luncheon here

Maze / Guestbook

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Forget the Satin Stilettos.

This is a farm, not the Ritz-Carlton. The ground may be a bit dusty; you may feel like sitting on an inviting bale of hay. Dress code is business casual - a dress or slacks and a shirt are good, but nothing too fancy. For your feet, boots and flat-soled shoes are good. Heels are bad, and it might be too cold for sandals.

It Might Be a Little Cold.

If you haven't been to San Francisco, this is not the California you imagined. It's foggy in the morning, cool/nice in the afternoon, then cold again at night. Half Moon Bay weather is all over the place too. Expect 13-17℃ or 55-65℉ for the afternoon.

In short: Bring both sunscreen and sweaters.